Saturday, February 23, 2019

My very dear Irish friend...

Well, my friend, the truth be told, isn't really Irish but married an Irishman (half English) and moved to Ireland.  We have been friends for many many years.  We met at a conference years ago... we were both speaking.  We continued to bump into each other at conferences all over the world.  Her husband, also "one of us" in the Process Improvement field,  appeared as well.  They hit it off and before I knew it, she was deciding if she could possibly live in Ireland.  Obviously, she decided yes.  

Now, many years later, retired, having assimilated very nicely into her Irish way of life, she writes to me of ways and things I find both beautiful and sometimes hard to imagine.  Her life is so different... quiet and slower.  They take time to enjoy.  She writes beautifully and entertains me with her stories.  

Her latest is a story of a tree... a tree made by many in her church,a small one in her town.  Let me go back a bit... there's history of trees being part of Christmas at her church.  Everyone tries to decorate a tree differently - mostly with homemade ornaments.  They sell them to raise money for the church maintenance.  But this year my friend undertook a project that she had seen in a magazine... a tree that had been made of cardboard and then covered with quilting squares of felt and heavy materials.   It was definitely a labor of love as she described putting it all together.  Below is the result - a magnificent Christmas tree.

But when Christmas was over, where did it go?  Here's what she said, 
"Due to the hard work of one of our friends in asking around, the Day Care Centre here said they would take the tree. I had told people if nobody would take it, I would have to tear it apart and we would have to find a use for all those squares (353 at final count) and ornaments (82). I got it all ready for the DCC to take it away in the mini-bus and when I checked in a few days later, it had turned into a ‘Tree for All Seasons’ and was being put up in a corner of the sitting room, to be decorated appropriately for holidays and seasons."  And here it stands, ready for Valentine's Day!!

They had matched the colors and the pieces and added ornaments and small toys.  The people (mostly elderly in need of some help) at the Day Care Center enjoy it every day.  It is being readied for Saint Patrick's Day, of course :-)

I loved her story for a number of reasons - it's a story of people working together to create something quite unique that lives on.  Not only does it live on, but people continue to enjoy, love and decorate it.  

It's like writing a book... scene by scene, character by character, chapter by chapter until finally after fitting all the pieces together, there is stands!  Your masterpiece, made of squares upon squares, with ornaments and hearts, is ready to go forth and be enjoyed by many.

Keep writing.  I'm editing my Paris mystery... still fighting to find a good title!


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope you have a fantastic day... I'm planning on a little editing of the back blurb for my upcoming book, coffee... lots of coffee, and a date with my guy!!

I'll be back soon to talk writing.

Happy Valentine's Day... Judi

Sunday, January 27, 2019

J'aime Paris..

Paris © Judi Getch Brodman

J'aime Paris!  I do love Paris and adore the French country side.  I've stayed in chateaus that I never wanted to leave - one in fact, Chateau de Marcay in Chinon, had us staying in a room attached to the turret which served as our huge bathroom and then eating in the "great" room where the menu offered roasted pigeon;  in B&Bs that were extraordinaire which served fresh yogurt that I have yet to match here in the US.  I've eaten things that were délectueux and other things that tourne mon estomac - :-) But I remember each and every one of them. I find that's the beauty of traveling... we had a wonderful little apartment on rue Cortot that overlooked the streets of Monmartre and in the distance gave us a view of the city of lights. There was the Hotel Du Palais in Biarritz -- the summer home of Napoleon III and Eugénie de Montijo.  It's history oozed elegance, frivolity and worldliness as they themselves say.  It sits where the waters of Spain and France meet.  I had wished to stay there... forever!

Anyway, I carry on about Paris and France which is why I had to write the novel that I'm currently editing.  I had also read a story that intrigued me about a happening in Paris so putting both of these things together and building two wonderful characters, I allowed myself to visit Paris again from right here at my desk.  When it's released, you will be able enjoy the Parisian surroundings as well.  We'll visit the church of Joan d'Arc,  the farmlands of France and Paris parks.  I'm shooting for a May/June release... a beach read.

As for other news, my cable TV interview went very well and as soon as I receive the DVD, I'll post it.  

My two book clubs were awesome.  Both groups are awaiting the release of my next "Oyster Point Mystery" which I'm hoping will be released for Christmas.  I'm working on it now.  

I hope you are reading and writing... taking courses and upping your writing game!  No time like the present.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Reflection and Renewal...

Every New Year's Eve, I find myself looking back.  And this one was the same.  I remember as a child, we celebrated as a family toasting in the new year, given that we could stay awake.  If we fell asleep, my Dad would carry us upstairs to bed and Mom would tuck us in as she always did.  As I grew older, throughout high school and college, my boyfriend, who played in a band and worked on Saturdays and holidays including the Eve, would call when he could after midnight and stop by on his way home for a wish and a kiss.  Then my life took a sharp turn when my father died... I remember thinking how I didn't want the year to change... for some reason, I didn't want to say "he died last year."  But the year sadly turned and my life went on.

I lived in the city with a group of friends - it was the best time!  We spent New Years in our rented ski chalet in NH.  On the Eve, we celebrated (not much drinking) and on the day, we skied.  After we all married, we would gather on the Eve toasting in another year.  How the years seem to fly by... one new year after another!  And here we are again... remembering, reflecting and looking forward.

On this Eve, I'm so very thankful for the wonderful year that I've had.  We stayed healthy, the kids continue to grow into good and thoughtful children.  Their hugs are the best.  My writing career, after all my hard work and studying, really took off... two books published, a cable TV interview and a number of book club invites!  I'm almost afraid to step into this new year... how could it get any better??? 

But I'm looking forward to traveling with my husband in 2019... not sure where yet, but we shall find an intriguing spot somewhere.  Day ago, I finished the draft of another novel - not a Oyster Point Mystery, but one I hope my readers will love just as much.  It has a French flavor to it.  I've started another Oyster Point Mystery and as soon as I finish up this current novel, I'll be following Jack and Jamie on another very scary adventure.  I love those two characters as I gather my readers do.  Jack is especially a hit with the ladies.

All I can wish for you all is a happy, healthy and productive 2019!  May your dreams come true and when they don't, may another door open for you... as my mother used to say.

Keep writing, 

The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.​​ — Auguste Rodin​

Thursday, December 20, 2018


Remember - it's not too late to order the Fiona children's series for a gift from Santa (proceeds go to my sister's scholarship fund) or, for Santa's helper, the first of the Oyster Point mysteries... She's Not You, which by the way is receiving 5 star reviews!  My new historic time travel, The Looking Glass Labyrinth, has also been a hit... a little romance and a handsome sea captain fill out the story.  A good read for a stay-at-home January day.

Amazon has them all:

Enjoy and a happy holiday/Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and productive 2019!!

I have finished my next novel's first draft!!  I'll tell you more about this one after the New Year!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Busy Book Update!!

Image may contain: text
Borrowed this photo from a friend!  I love it... 

Second Book Club was awesome and I then was invited to do a cable TV interview... all very exciting.  Also had a book signing... things are going great!

More next week! Meanwhile - do a little holiday shopping at Amazon :-)

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Book Clubs and Signing Events...

Well, my first book club meeting with readers was so much fun!  They had read "She's Not You" and had really enjoyed it.  I was very pleased with the feedback. One member was an English teacher who had taught writing.  She said that she was very surprised at how well written the book was.  One item she picked up on was the use of all the senses - smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste.  I had to agree with her that most writers have a favorite sense that they use all the time.  You have to work hard not to depend on that favorite sense -- usually sight or touch.  Anyway, the feedback from this group was terrific.

My next book club is in two weeks and I'm looking forward to meeting this new group of readers.  Since they are meeting before the holidays, there will be a "Yankee Swap."  I'm bringing a copy of "The Looking Glass Labyrinth" as my swap.

Right before the upcoming book club, I have a book signing during a Christmas Stroll.  I did this a number of times for this Gallery... when my children's books (Fiona - the Lighthouse Firefly and Fiona the Lighthouse Firefly - LOST!) came out and again when "She's Not You" was released.  There will be music and refreshments -- a wonderful holiday event.

The books make wonderful gifts... go to Amazon, and pick up a copy!

I'm almost finished with the first draft of my next novel.  Still searching for a title!  Any ideas?

Will check in after my next book event.  This is a busy and exciting time for me!

Keep working on your writing.